Chocolate & Cereal Bar Machine

AUTO COATER DBC 900 / 1200 / 1500

Suitable to coat chocolate, yoghurt, peanuts, almond, raisen and dates. Easy to use and great saving

Chocolate Moulding line

We offer fully automatic chocolate making plant starting from cocoa processing to single color, double


The Latini Chocolate Decorator will continually produce flawless decorations of various available patterns.

Conche Refiner

Latini Lab Conch cum Refiner is an essential machine for chocolate manufacturers who are consistently striving to improve their

Chocolate Decorator

LHD Chocolate Decorator simulates hand strung decorations without defects. Latini Decorators are engineered to decorate

Lab Coating Pan

A miniature version of our popular coating panis perfectly suitable for small-scale manufacturers or R&D facilities to enhance your product

Chocolate/Wax Melting Tank

The Latini Melting Tank is designed for melting and holding liquids and fats by utilizing thermic fluid/water jacketing